Webster & Fredrickson, PLLC is widely recognized as a premier law firm in Washington, DC for employees who require representation due to a workplace dispute. Webster & Fredrickson attorneys, with decades of combined experience, are committed to advocating on behalf of employees and protecting their civil rights.

Bruce Fredrickson, the leader of employment law practice, and Webster & Fredrickson’s experienced associates have represented scores of employees over the years in all manner of disputes.  Webster & Fredrickson represented more than 1100 women in the Hartman Class Action case against the Voice of America and U.S. Information Agency, where Webster & Fredrickson earned the largest employment discrimination award ever under  the Civil Rights Act of 1964—more than $600 million dollars have been paid out to date.


Attorneys at Webster & Fredrickson have long experience representing employees in court and in administrative proceedings to protect employees’ rights.  Webster & Fredrickson represents employees in the Washington, DC area in a wide-range of claims, including:

  • Race Discrimination and Racial Harassment
  • Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
  • National Origin Discrimination
  • Disability Discrimination
  • Sexual Orientation Discrimination
  • Pregnancy Discrimination
  • Wage & Commissions Claims
  • Protecting Veterans and Service Members (USERRA)
  • Religious Discrimination
  • Age Discrimination
  • Family and Medical Leave

In many cases, employers retaliate against employees who stand up for themselves and complain of unlawful conduct.  Webster & Fredrickson represents employees facing retaliation and our attorneys bring their decades of experience to protect employees facing retaliation.

Employment Contracts, Severance Agreements and Other Negotiations

Webster & Fredrickson also can help employees negotiate employment contracts, provide guidance negotiating severance agreements, and protect employees faced with  non-competition agreements.

Webster & Fredrickson can take the lead and negotiate on behalf of our clients or can provide advice to employees in the background to help clients facing difficulty at work.

If you need a lawyer to provide guidance with an issue at work, please contact us.

Bruce A. Fredrickson
Bruce A. Fredrickson

Geoffrey H. Simpson
Geoffrey H. Simpson